CIW Web Design Series certification

CIW Web Design Series Certification

The CIW Web Design certification series is the perfect path for any Web Designer. This certification can be very beneficial for professionals working in this field because this is an advanced series of CIW certifications. Certified CIW Web Design Professionals have an understanding of the areas of web design and e-commerce. Certified candidates can develop and maintain Websites using authoring and scripting languages, create content and digital media, and employ standards and technologies for business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce Web sites.

The CIW Web Design Series certification covers the following certification exams:

CIW Web Design Specialist Certification

The CIW Web Design Specialist certification will help candidates learn how to design and publish websites. The certification also includes topics like site development processes, customer expectations, and ethical and legal issues in Web development, aesthetics, site user’s experience, navigation, usability, and accessibility, basic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Extensible HTML (XHTML), and extended technologies, image files, and more.

CIW E-Commerce Specialist Certification

The CIW E-Commerce certification is for professionals who have a foundational knowledge of web technologies and want to become proficient in e-commerce practices and site design. The certification exam covers the E-commerce site development topics, including ways to conduct business online and manage the technical issues associated with constructing an e-commerce Website.

uCertify provides courses for the CIW Web Design Series certification exams. These courses completely cover all the key concepts asked in the exams and will ensure that you are ready to pass the exam.

Requirements for the CIW Web Design Series Certification 

The CIW Web Design Series consists of two specialist certification exams:

  • 1D0-520 - CIW Web Design Specialist Certification
  • 1D0-525 - CIW E-Commerce Specialist Certification

Candidates who hope to start a career in the field of website designing need to pass these certification exams and become CIW Web Design Professional.

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