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[ORACLE PRESS] OCP Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Course for Exam 1Z0-060

Gain hands-on expertise in Oracle Database 12c: 1Z0-060 certification exam by OCP Upgrade To Oracle Database 12c course. The course covers all the objectives of the 1Z0-060 certification exam and provides competency in Enterprise Management and other tools; basics of Multitenant Container Database (CDB); configuring, creating, and managing CDBs and PDBs; SQL enhancements; key DBA skills and much more.

Here's what you will get

The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) credential is typically the first step toward achieving the flagship Oracle Certified Professional certification. The OCA credential ensures that the individual is equipped with fundamental skills, providing a strong foundation for supporting Oracle products. An OCA credential is available for several of today's most in-demand technology job roles. The Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) credential is the benchmark of professional skill and technical expertise required to manage, develop, or implement enterprise-wide databases, middleware, or applications. Increasingly, IT managers use the OCP credential to evaluate the qualifications of employees and job candidates.

Glossary of terms
Test prep
Pre-assessment Questions
Full Length Tests
Exam FAQs
What is the exam registration fee? USD 151
What is the format of the exam? Multiple Choice
How many questions are asked in the exam? The exam contains Section 1 and 2 contains 51 and 34 questions respectively. questions.
What is the duration of the exam? 120 minutes
What is the passing score? For Section 1 and 2 passing scores are 64% and 65% respectively. Both sections must be passed to pass the exam.
What is the exam's retake policy?
  • Candidates must wait 14 days before retaking a failed proctored exam. (Registration will be allowed on the 14th day)
  • Candidates may retake an online non-proctored exam at any time.
  • Candidates may not retake a passed exam at any time.
  • Candidates may not retake a beta exam at any time.
  • Candidates are only allowed 4 attempts to pass an exam in a 12-month period.
  • Candidates must resubmit a failed Master Assignment within 30 days of receiving the notification of failing.
Where can I find more information about this exam? To know more about the MHE-1Z0-060, click here.
Which certification covers this exam?
What are the career opportunities after passing this exam?
  • DBA
  • Oracle Programmer
  • Database Administrator

Here's what you will learn

  • Changes to the Exam Composition
  • Use Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express, OUI, and DBCA
  • Implement Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring
  • Perform Emergency Monitoring and Real-Time ADDM
  • Generate a Compare Period ADDM Report
  • Understand ASH, ADR, and Network Enhancements
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
  • Identify the Benefits of the Multitenant Container Database
  • Explain Root and Multitenant Architecture
  • Create and Configure CDBs and PDBs
  • Migrate a Non-CDB to a PDB Database
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
  • Establish a Connection to a CDB/PDB
  • Start Up and Shut Down a CDB/PDB
  • Change Instance Parameters for a CDB/PDB
  • Manage Tablespaces in a CDB/PDB
  • Manage Users and Privileges for CDB/PDB
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
  • Enable and Configure the Unified Audit Data Trail
  • Create and Enable Audit Policies
  • Use Task-Specific Administrative Privileges
  • Create, Enable, and Use Privilege Analysis
  • Use and Manage Oracle Data Redaction Policies
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
  • Use Adaptive Execution Plans
  • Use Enhanced Features of Statistics Gathering
  • Use Adaptive SQL Plan Management
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
  • Use Resource Manager for a CDB and a PDB
  • Multiprocess Multithreaded Architecture and Using Flash Cache
  • Index and Table Enhancements
  • Online Operation Enhancements
  • SQL Enhancements
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
  • Back Up and Recover PDBs and CDBs
  • Perform Flashback for a CDB
  • RMAN Enhancements
  • New Features in Flashback Data Archive
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
  • Oracle Data Pump Enhancements
  • SQL*Loader and External Table Enhancements
  • Partitioning Enhancements
  • Index Enhancements for Partitioned Tables
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
  • Use ILM Features
  • Perform Tracking and Automated Data Placement
  • Use In-Database Archiving
  • ILM and Temporal Validity
  • Certification Summary
  • Two-Minute Drill
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[ORACLE PRESS] OCP Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Course for Exam 1Z0-060
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