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Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional

Enroll in the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional course for the preparation of Oracle OCP: Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional certification exam. The study guide provides complete coverage of the 1Z0-063 exam objectives and includes topics such as Oracle data protection solutions, configuring for recoverability, using the RMAN recovery catalog, performing backups, implementing backup strategies, diagnosing failures, using RMAN-encrypted backups, duplicating a database, and many more.

Here's what you will get

The Oracle OCP certification is a proof of knowledge and skills required to support Oracle core products. The Oracle certification is designed for the professionals who have demonstrated their skills and who can support the company's investment in Oracle technology. The OCP Database 12c 1Z0-063 exam validates your skills and technical expertise to manage and implement enterprise databases. This exam has been validated against Oracle Database

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Exam FAQs
What is the exam registration fee? USD 152
Where do I take the exam? Pearson VUE
What is the format of the exam? The exam consists multiple choice questions.
What are the pre-requisites of the exam?

While there are no official prerequisites to take the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional certification, both Oracle and uCertify strongly recommend that the candidates have a good understanding of the following:

  • Oracle Database 12c: Backup and Recovery Workshop
  • Oracle Database 12c: Managing Multitenant Architecture
How many questions are asked in the exam? The exam contains 80 questions.
What is the duration of the exam? 120 minutes
What is the passing score? 60%
What is the exam's retake policy?

Retake Policy for Oracle 1Z0-063 exam is:

  • Candidates must wait 14 days before retaking a failed proctored exam. (Registration will be allowed on the 14th day)
  • Candidates may retake an online non-proctored exam at any time.
  • Candidates may not retake a passed exam at any time.
  • Candidates may not retake a beta exam at any time.
What is the validity of the certification? Oracle certifications have no expiration. The certification holder is certified for life unless Oracle changes its policy. Click here for more information.
Where can I find more information about this exam? To know more about the 1Z0-063, click here.
Which certification covers this exam?
What are the career opportunities after passing this exam?
  • DBA
  • SQL Developer
  • Oracle Programmer
  • Server Administrator
  • Database Administrator

Here's what you will learn

  • Oracle Database Data Protection Options
  • Understanding the Oracle Database as It Relates to Backup and Recovery
  • Configuring the Database for Backup and Recovery
  • Performing Oracle Offline Backups
  • Performing Oracle Online Backups
  • Backing Up the Control File
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Performing a Recovery in NOARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Performing a Full Database Recovery in ARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Performing User-Based Incomplete Recoveries
  • Performing Other Types of Recoveries
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Why Use RMAN?
  • Exploring the RMAN Architecture
  • Getting Started with RMAN
  • Configuring RMAN
  • Backing Up Your Database with RMAN
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Introducing the Recovery Catalog
  • Creating the Recovery Catalog User and Schema Objects
  • Using a Recovery Catalog
  • Using Scripts in the RMAN Recovery Catalog
  • Maintaining the Recovery Catalog
  • Using the RMAN Virtual Private Catalog
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • RMAN Database-Recovery Basics
  • Recovering a Database in NOARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Recovering a Database in ARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Recovering a Database Using Incomplete Recovery
  • Using Image Copies to Recover Your Database
  • Other Basic Recovery Topics
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Overview of the RMAN Report and List Commands
  • Monitoring, Administering, and Tuning RMAN
  • The Oracle Database Fault Diagnostic Framework
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Switching between RMAN Incarnations
  • Overview of RMAN Database Duplication
  • Performing an RMAN Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery
  • Restoring a Database to a New Host
  • Backup Best Practices for Data Warehouses
  • Performing Table and Partition Recovery from Backups
  • ASM-Related Backups
  • Configuring and Using Oracle Secure Backup
  • Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Architecture and RMAN
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Describe the Flashback Technologies
  • Managing Undo Automatically
  • Employing Flashback Technologies
  • Perform Flashback Database Operations
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Diagnosing Failures
  • Managing Database Performance
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Managing Storage
  • Managing Storage in a CDB and PDBs
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Multitenant Container and Pluggable Database Architecture
  • Creating Multitenant Container Databases and Pluggable Databases
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Establishing Connections to CDB/PDB
  • Start Up and Shut Down a CDB and Open and Close PDBs
  • Evaluate the Impact of Parameter Value Changes
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Moving Data, Performing Security Operations, and Interacting with Other Oracle Products
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Managing Security in a CDB and PDBs
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
1Z0-063 1Z0-063
Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional
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